The Bucket Buddy Clip


The Bucket Buddy Clip is the premier paint can carrying tool, it's an extra hand to hold the can. Developed to make your paint jobs faster, safer and easier, the Bucket Buddy Clip gives the user easy access to their paint by connecting the can to your belt. This fast and easy clip allows you to keep your hands free while cutting an edge around house trim or painting hard to reach places while on a ladder. The Bucket Buddy  is great for helping you keep your paint in the bucket instead of all over your new jeans.



Meet Jim Eberly

Hello to everyone out there! After almost 32 years (60,000 hours) of painting, I have finally birthed a product. It took 17 months from conception to completion! I have a patent pending. You might ask why it took so long... well the idea took inspiration, desperation, and heavy dose of reality. The idea originated during the housing market crash in 2009. Lost a ton when we bought (2005) and fixed up a place. We had to sell due to health (sciatica) in 2012.  I had an epiphany when I realized that I could not  work my way out of this one, while I was subbing for a contractor in Yellowstone National Park!!! I was working  40+hrs in 4 days while living in man camp,  there was no Government help, only me. So, I worked extra hard and saved money while I perfected my idea to the point of a prototype. Then the quest began. I learned a lot in the process, making future inventions quicker and more efficient. The Bucket Buddy Clip solves two issues that are not solved in the market today. The first issue solved is a free hand to balance or hold on while climbing/ painting out of a can or pail. The second issue solved is preventing paint from spilling while climbing a ladder. The Bucket Buddy Clip uses a carabiner that moves with your body so the paint can doesn't catch and spill the paint.  Please check out my blog and spread the news on how to finally achieve an extra hand to hold the can.


How It Started


Want to see more...

Click here or checkout our YouTube channel to see directions and the Bucket Buddy Clip in action!